Technology Assessment for Teachers

What Do Your Teachers Know?

All good Professional Development planning must start with a good understanding of your current staff needs. The BEYOND Technology Assessment for teachers is a simple diagnostic of 100 multiple choice questions, written to the ISTE guidelines and taken in a low-pressure environment. In fact we use a simple bubble form and a #2 pencil so teachers with little technology experience do not feel intimidated. Online assessment are available through Google Docs.  The scoring of the assessment can be confidential so teachers can feel safe to answer to the best of their ability. Once the scoring is completed the BTE team will develop a chart to illustrate the needs of the staff and where to concentrate the training resources.

We use the data to make training recommendations to the school and also to group the teachers by needs or skill level. Two or three years down the road our goal is to provide a post assessment to measure the teachers’ improvement and then re-train where necessary.

Contact us today to get this first step done so you have the information to make the best decisions for future training needs.