Professional Development

BEYOND Technology Basics for Teachers

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    • 30-Hour Graduate Level Course (Ten 3-Hour Modules)
    • Instructor Led for Mac OS or Windows
    • Windows: Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010
    • Mac OS: Microsoft Office 2004, 2008, 2011 and iWork
    • Written by Susan Brooks-Young

Research proves that technology alone is not the answer. The missing link in many school technology plans is what we call The 3 “C’s” of professional development. The first “C” is “Confidence”. Demonstration, practice, trial and error  and more practice is what builds Confidence. Our Professional Development Course, BEYOND Technology Basics for Teachers, written by Susan Brooks-Young is a foundational course built on ACOT (Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow) research and encompasses strategies for the modern teacher.

In order for today’s teachers to integrate technology into classroom curriculum effectively a strong technology foundation is critical. That foundation is built and supported with a powerful Professional Development approach. That is why BTE has developed a foundational course to meet the real world needs of classroom teachers. We embrace ISTE NETS-T and state standards in everything we do. The training is prescription-based using the results from a teacher skills assessment. What that means is teachers can take only those foundational modules they need. We cover both MAC and PC skills. As with everything we provide, flexibility and scalability are very important. The components of the Professional Development are:

Operating system skills such as file management will be taught within the context of each module, as needed.  The activities in this curriculum will specifically target the Adoption and Adaptation levels of use as identified by the Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow study, helping teachers increase their own personal productivity and begin to use technology with their students. Each module will include time for participants to discuss how the skills taught that day might be incorporated into instruction.