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What is “SWIM Grid”?

A  simple technology plan is a plan that can easily be communicated to staff, approved parents and students and a simple plan is a plan that will be implemented.  A complicated technology plan will sit on a shelf and collect dust.  With that in mind, cure we feel that proper technology planning will save our schools and inspired teachers will save our country. Technology planning along with training and support for teachers is the key. It’s that simple.  We call our planning model SWIM Grid (School Wide Integration Model)

Technology planning can be extremely complicated but it doesn’t need to be with the SWIM Grid method.  Using our experience and practical approach along with our simplified methods, this we help schools easily and intelligently integrate technology into a school by focusing on 4 major planning areas:

  • Assessing, training and supporting classroom teachers
  • Training and guiding students to use technology for learning purposes
  • Integrating relevant, available and future technologies into the classroom curriculum
  • Identifying infrastructure needs and improvements as schools move towards individual device environments

For over 20 years, BTE has been consulting with K-12 schools on how to best plan for technology.  If it’s a new computer lab, laptop carts, or a one-to-one device approach, we offer experience, guidance and tools to simplify the process.  We promote “The 3 Cs” for teacher technology use:  Confidence, Competence and Content.  Only with these three attributes can teachers achieve what they know is possible with technology.  Join one of our informational seminars, watch one of our videos or call us for a guided tour of the how’s,  why’s, what’s and where’s of technology integration the BTE way!

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

 Steve Jobs, BusinessWeek

“We have identified the ultimate truths when it comes to technology integration for a K-12 school.

Ernie Delgado, Co-CEO
BEYOND Technology Education